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  • Mon, May 11 2015
  • Global Employee Health & Fitness Month

    Held every year throughout the month of May, International Worker Well-Being & Fitness Month encourages "the gains of a healthier lifestyle to companies as well as their workers through worksite health promotion actions and surroundings." Given the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services have projected the United States' National Healthcare Cost will continue to grow and reach $5 trillion by 2022, worksite wellness hasn't been more significant. In accordance with the "Guide to Workplace Wellness" by Health Advocate(TMark), a few of the workplace prices related to having unhealthy workers comprise: 

    Obesity-related conditions are more expensive than $13 billion annually in lost productivity and medical expenses.

    A typical smoker . productivity prices about $3,900 each year in medical expenses and lost
    Pressure costs about $300 billion annually in medical expenses, lost productivity, employee turnover, injuries and missed work days.

    Diabetes costs 14 million impairment days annually.
    Cardiovascular disease price $142 billion in 2001 in lost productivity.
    Many organizations are seeking methods to enhance the wellbeing and wellness of the workers, as health care costs continue to increase for workplaces.

    lower the chance of cardiovascular disease,
    lower the chance of stroke,
    lower the chance of high blood pressure,
    Enhance muscular fitness strength and cardiovascular,
    prevent drops,

    Plans that focus on instruction of and involvement with workers on issues including smoking, stress management, physical fitness, and nutrition can ease a more healthy worksite. A more healthy work force, consequently, may lead to higher productivity, higher morale, reduced health care costs, fewer missed days, and more powerful retention rates - all of that may enhance an organization's bottom line.

    This and other similar return on investment studies continue to amass evidence that an enormous effect is made by offering workplace wellness plans on organizational savings and worker well-being.

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