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  • Re: Extraction of peakforce Capture data with Matlab

    Hi! So... Is there any way to load forces from PeakForce capture file *.pfc into Matlab using Windows? The only functions in Nanoscope Analysis 64bit 1.50 build r2.103555 which gets nonzero data is related with force volume. For example, NSMU.CreateForceVolumeForceCurveZplot gets some data but not correct! Even NSMU.GetRampSize returns zero! Why?
    Posted to SPM Digest (Forum) by Ilya A. Morozov on Tue, Sep 29 2015
  • scaling of PeakForce capture

    During PeakForce capture I set up the Peak Force Amplitude to a certain value = A. PF-Amplitude is the zero-peak distance, i.e.the length of extension or retraction path. So, in online force monitor I observe curves F(z) exactly in the given range of z = 0....A. However, when I open the obtained *.pfc file in Nanoscope Analysis (v.150 or 1.60) the range
    Posted to SPM Digest (Forum) by Ilya A. Morozov on Tue, Sep 15 2015
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