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  • Re: ScanAsyst with other probes

    A basic question. How would you define a "good looking force curve"?? Also, does Nanoscope IIIa have this ScanAsyst feature ??
    Posted to SPM Digest (Forum) by Jay Chey on Thu, Mar 24 2011
  • I need a really HARD AFM tip

    I am scanning Moly surfaces (sputter deposited, 1 micron thick). After each scan (1 x 1 micron), I can see the tip degrading before my eyes. I tried 'let set point' technic etc, but to no avail. I am using the TESP tip. I have a feeling I need a harder tip. Does Bruker offer nice tips ?? At the same time, I cannot have a blunt tip (sharpness
    Posted to SPM Digest (Forum) by Jay Chey on Wed, Mar 23 2011
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