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  • Peakforce QNM image analysis - guidelines for modifying the images

    Hi all! Two part question on how to handle images for viewing/export: 1) I am looking for a good reference that will help in better understanding the ways to 'post-process' our AFM images, ensuring that we are not artificially changing our displayed data maps (compared to raw data). The help guide really only focuses on height maps and doesn't
    Posted to SPM Digest (Forum) by LizaW on Thu, Nov 17 2016
  • Issue with exporting XY data from Nanoscope v1.7

    Hi! We are exporting the XY data from high speed data capture files (extension .hsdc) into text files so that we can graph the curves in Excel. Our workstation has Nanoscope analysis v1.5 and does this command in seconds, creating a small file. Some of our user's desktops are running Analysis v1.7, and if we try the same thing in this version, the
    Posted to SPM Digest (Forum) by LizaW on Wed, Jun 29 2016
  • Exporting as TIF and processing of height images

    Hi! I need some clarification on what is happening when I do the different methods to export my height channel for publication. 1) using Nanoscope software plane fit + flatten + export commands, versus, 2) using right-click on file then export-TIF. The second option is obviously not processing the data for bow, tilt, etc, so it has more height data
    Posted to SPM Digest (Forum) by LizaW on Mon, Oct 5 2015
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