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reading files and headers datas

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herveW posted on Wed, Feb 15 2012 10:40 AM


I've got 3 questions :

I'm trying to read the data files to use them with Igor Pro. When I'm reading the header of my files (I'm using an dimension V which software generates version 5.12 files). I have download Command Reference Manual Software Version 5.12 r3, where the structures of fils are described in appendix B. For the calculation of the real values the parameter \@Sens. Zscan: V 12.50 nm/V is introduced. In my file, I did not find this parameter but \@Sens. DeflSens: V 43.2132 nm/V and \@Sens. DeflSens: V 43.2132 nm/V.

My question : what is the differences between these 3 parameters, and which one has to be considered to recover real values. 

In point and shot mode : In files where tmdeflection data are saved, which parameters give the position of the measurement. 


3rd question : when doing point and shot measurement, the software generates 3 kinds of files : image, tmdeflection and .mca files. .mca files seems to includes all the data we have acquired. Is there a way to extract the data that are in this file like in the image and tmdeflection of force files ?

what I can read in that file is only these lines




<plist tag="Results">

<parm tag="Unit display" selected="1">Force </parm>

<parm tag="Direction" selected="1">Both </parm>

<parm tag="Type" selected="1">Separation </parm>

<parm tag="Invert" selected="1">No </parm>

<parm tag="Plot" selected="1">3 </parm>

<parm tag="selectMode" selected="1">Off </parm>




<plist tag="Results">

<parm tag="Minimum size" selected="1">0.100 nN</parm>

<parm tag="Percentage of Max" selected="1">70.0 %</parm>

<parm tag="Minimum Width at % Max" selected="1">5.00 nm</parm>




<plist tag="Results">

<parm tag="X-axis auto-zero" selected="1">Off </parm>

<parm tag="Y-axis auto-zero" selected="1">Off </parm>

<parm tag="Cascade Offset" selected="1">1.00 nm</parm>





thanks in advance for your help





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herveW replied on Thu, Feb 16 2012 2:31 AM

in the first question one has to read \@Sens. Zsens: V 23.61771 nm/V and \@Sens. DeflSens: V 43.2132 nm/V.

  instead of  \@Sens. DeflSens: V 43.2132 nm/V and \@Sens. DeflSens: V 43.2132 nm/V.




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\@Sens. DeflSens: V 43.2132 nm/V is the 'soft scale' for the vertical axis of the force plot.  The soft scale allows conversion between raw units in Volts and metric units.

 \@Sens. Zscan: V 12.50 nm/V is the 'soft scale' for the horizontal axis of the force plot.

You can find more information on importing force data by searching the forum.  If you are doing a lot of this, reading the files from binary and scaling them is the best way, but you can also ASCII export (and not worry about scaling) by right clicking on the files in the browser and choosing "Export".

The XY position of the curve is given in the following section of the header:


\*Ciao scan list
\Parameter select: Main
\Operating mode: Force
\Scan Size: 100000 nm
\X Offset: -13.8549 µm
\Y Offset: 0.776819 µm


As you have seen, the .MCA file does not contain any force information, only the configuration of the MCA view.  When opening the MCA file, the system grabs the force data from each of the force curve files to construct the plot.

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herveW replied on Thu, Feb 16 2012 6:29 PM

thanks for the response. The reason why I try to read directly files is that with Igor, you can make groups analysis, whereas you cannot export with a single command the curves with export function. And if I have several images with a 50 measurment in each images, it will be too long to make the conversion before analysis.

But maybe you have some solution



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