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rotated tips needed for QNM?

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dalia posted on Wed, Feb 29 2012 1:41 PM


In our starting package for QNM, we got sets of tips including TAP150A, RTESPA, and TAP525A.  My understanding is that only for RTESPA's, the tips are rotated by 180 degrees.  Is this a necessary requirement for QNM, or can you run any cantilever as long as it is aluminum coated?  For exammple, would OTESPA's be as good as RTESPA's for QNM?




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Hi Dalia,

It would be fine to use the OTESPA probes instead of the RTESPA probes.  For probes this stiff, I would use the relative calibration method, so I don't think the difference in probe will make a big difference.

I hope this helps.



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Hi Dalia,

While there is no need for rotated tips, I would stay away from the olympus probes for QNM, especially for the absolute calibration method.  The reason is that the tapered design of teh cantilever and the way the tip is attached to it are more likely to flex and I don't think you can get a spring constant measurement for those probes without a laser vibrometer.  Even then, the tip itself may bend more.

With the relative method, there shouldn't be any problem with those probes.


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