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Z-piezo drive voltage while ramping

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Fei Liu posted on Thu, Apr 26 2012 4:05 AM

At the force-distance mode, I expected the dirve voltage for Z-piezo is a triangular wave.But it is not. Its frequency spectrum  has a peak at 50khz.

Is this due to noise? If so, what is the solution for the problem?

The AFM I use is Mutilmode with Scanner E.


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replied on Fri, Apr 27 2012 5:00 PM

Fei Lu,

Could you describe in a bit more detail what exactly your setup is, i.e. what are you doing and how are you monitoring it?



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Hi Stefan,

I am reading the drive voltage for z piezo (Z_ Low voltage )  via Signal Access Module. The data is sent  to  analog input 1 of Nanoscope V. 

The data is saved by High Speed Data Capture. 

I am interested in checking the drift of piezo while doing ramping. That is why I am monitoring the drive voltage for z piezo (Low voltage).

Since it is ramping at speed less than 1 nm/s, the drift of piezo can be significant. How can the drift be suppressed ? And also why is there a peak at the power spectrum of z piezo drive voltage (LV)?

Thanks for your help. If more details are required, just let me know.



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