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Debris or artifact?

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lgc posted on Fri, Aug 24 2012 5:05 PM


I wonder if the streaks you see below are due to some debris on the sample or perhaps some artifact I am unaware of. What puzzles me is that the largest streaks go straight across the rock's pits. In other words, the streaks form a "bridge" across the gorges.

Is it possible that these are, in fact, caused by debris?



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Suggested by Bede Pittenger

That definitely looks like debris is being picked up by the tip, causing a step.  Additionally, it looks like you have used a second or third order flatten or a realtime "Bow" fit, causing the steps to turn into arched scan lines.  Please take a look at the offline manual section on flattening.


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lgc replied on Wed, Sep 5 2012 7:39 PM

Thanks again, Bede!

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