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Upgrade Your MultiMode and Discover a New World of Possibilities

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Upgrade Your MultiMode and Discover a
New World of Possibilities

November 2012

MultiMode Plateform
The MultiMode platform has been the recognized AFM resolution and versatility leader in the research community for over 15 years. Now you can take advantage of Bruker's latest proprietary innovations to discover a whole new world of research possibilities with the MultiMode 8. Upgrades include:

ScanAsyst® Imaging Mode

Expand the usability of your MultiMode. ScanAsyst makes operation easier for both expert and novice users with automatic scan optimization. In addition, it delivers tremendously easier operation in liquid, with no need to "tune" the cantilever and no setpoint drift.

PeakForce QNM® Mode

PeakForce QNM enables direct quantitative mapping of nanoscale sample modulus and adhesion, and provides unambiguous and non-destructive property mapping on a wide range of sample types.

PFT LiBattery
ScanAsyst-HR enables high-speed, high-resolution imaging. Here a C36H74 alkane layer was imaged at 6.5Hz while maintaining high resolution.
Fast Scanning for the MultiMode

Now you can benefit from 20X faster survey scans and 6X faster scans with no loss of resolution in air with ScanAsyst-HR.

Quantitative Nanoscale Characterization

Achieve the highest resolution quantitative surface potential imaging with PeakForce KPFM™ and Bruker's exclusive PeakForce TUNA™ which provide high-resolution, non-destructive, quantitative conductivity mapping.

Advanced EC with Turnkey Glovebox Solution

This accessory supplies sub-ppm water and oxygen control for organic photovoltaics, battery research, and other applications.

New Service Contract Programs

Bruker is now offering new service contact programs to replace older NanoScope® controllers that are at or near the end of service life to ensure your MultiMode keeps running and delivering new possibilities long into the future.

Remember every MultiMode can be upgraded with these industry-leading new modes and advancements. For more information on improving the performance of your MultiMode, please contact your Bruker representative at
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