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Dimension FastScan Wins Microscopy Today's 2012 Innovation Award

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Innovation with Integrity

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Dimension FastScan Wins Microscopy Today's
2012 Innovation Award

November 2012

Breakthrough AFM Technology Recognized by Microscopy Today Innovation 2012 Award

Dimension FastScan™ has taken atomic force microscope (AFM) technology to dramatically higher levels of capability, delivering extreme imaging speed, scanning 20x to greater than 125x, over traditional AFMs without the loss of performance or quality. By delivering throughput never seen before, Dimension FastScan is running experiments in an afternoon that at conventional AFM speeds used to take weeks. What's more, speed is just one aspect of the system's groundbreaking throughput. FastScan delivers better drift characteristics, easier single or multi-sample exchange, and overall ease of operation. In addition, Dimension FastScan delivers unsurpassed performance, providing the highest data quality for every required element, for every sample category.

Enabling Scientists and Researchers. Delivering New Possibilities.

In the past, the advantages of AFM have been hindered for wider adoption by slow imaging speed as compared to other microscopy techniques. Dimension FastScan is a breakthrough offering near-realtime results where frames per seconds are possible compared to more than 5-minutes for the same quality images. Dimension FastScan now enables scientists and researchers to obtain nano-mechanical material properties data in-situ and at atomic resolution within much shorter timeframes.

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Reducing the time to first explore a heterogeneous surface, find the region of interest representing the sample's morphology, and capture a publication-quality image is a clear benefit for scientists. This high-speed AFM also greatly increases productivity in capturing the large number of images needed to understand the synthesis of materials with statistically valid data quantities. The biggest breakthrough in a commercial AFM, and most interesting application that benefits from high-speed throughput, is the ability to observe dynamic processes such as crystal formation, protein dynamics, or aging processes. None of these were possible with previous AFM technologies.

High Resolution and Force Control

Being recognized by Microscopy Today for a 2012 Innovation Award is just one validation of our committment to the industry and innovation. The Dimension FastScan AFM has forty-two (42) patents and at least two (2) Bruker exclusive licenses that make this system more productive and reliable than competing systems.

FastScan Your Samples Today

Dimension FastScan AFM is the first commercially available system to make fast AFM scanning a reality for every laboratory. Try Dimension FastScan on your samples to see for yourself what a difference extra bandwidth and performance can make. For a demonstration call +1.805.967.1400/800.873.9750, or email your questions to Be sure to check out our FastScan videos at
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