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PeakForce Tapping Hits a New Milestone

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PeakForce Tapping hits a new milestone as it advances
science and opens a whole new set of possibilities

November 2012

Bruker's exclusive PeakForce Tapping™ technique has hit the 100 citation mark. This major milestone illustrates how rapidly PeakForce Tapping is being adopted by the research and scientific community, and how quickly it is changing the landscape of AFM research. In under three years, PeakForce Tapping is outpacing the initial adoption of TappingMode™, which went on to became the industry-standard technique for high-perfomance atomic force microscopy research. . Available on all Bruker AFMs, and nowhere else, PeakForce Tapping citations are appearing across the full-range of AFM applications. Following is a sample from a recent life sciences publication.

Glyphosate-induced stiffening of HaCaT keratinocytes, a Peak Force Tapping study on living cells

It is understood that the skin is the body's first line of defense and provides defensive functions against multiple physical and chemical attack. This paper in the Journal of Structural Biology documents findings using PeakForce Tapping to investigate HaCaT keratinocytes and the chemical-induced changes in the cellular mechanical properties when exposed to glyphosate.
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