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Question about MIRO

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posted on Thu, Nov 29 2012 10:18 AM


Last time I used MIRO, I figured out that the software doesn't allow generating more than 5 Region Of Interest views, which could be helpful when we want to correlate several fluroescence channels to several AFM channels (you might want to generate at least a tenth of ROIs).

Is it a bug with my version or a general restriction?




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Suggested by Ben Ohler


The five ROI limit is intentional. Apparently these are memory intensive.

Remember though that the ROI settings are saved when you save the MIRO canvas. So you can always save your current ROI settings, then modify and save again under a different filename. You don't need to recreate anything.

Also remember that you can have up to 8 layers in each ROI. So you can easily have multiple fluorescence channels (representing multiple separate image captures) all within the same ROI.

Please let me know if I'm not understanding your desired use case.







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replied on Sun, Dec 2 2012 8:31 AM

Hi Ben,

I didn't know that creating the ROIs was so much memory-consuming. Now I understand your deliberate choice.

Good trick to modify/save several times.

Actually in my case, I imported a nice fluorescence image (triple dye) as the background image from an external system. So now way I could separate it into 3 fluorescence images. But this is no problem; I can still import the 3 different fluorescence channels.

Thanks for the reply,


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Are you able to access the MIRO .iro files out of the nanoscope control software? I have to do my analysis on a different machine and accessing these files would be very helpful.




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Bruker Employee

Hi Sarah,

Currently we cannot open .iro files without the full version of Nanoscope and the MIRO key being present on the system.  We will look into making this available in a future version of Nanoscope Analysis.


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Hi Sarah,

You can install the NanoScope Software on another computer (other than your AFM system). During installation, select the Nanoscope installation type as 'Offline Workstation'. Once installed you can email Bruker to get a key to enable MIRO in this offline version of the software. This will allow you to open .iro files and manipulate your overlaid images on the MIRO canvas (adjust overlay, transparency, colors, create ROIs and export images).


You will need to indicate that you are requesting a MIRO key as well as provide the System ID in the software. The System ID is found under 'Help' - 'About NanoScope'. 



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