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How does the peakforce build the height images?

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王硕 posted on Mon, Jan 21 2013 9:10 PM

Is the topography reconstructed using the Z position of “snap-in” in the force curves?

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Hi Wang,

I'm also quite interested in this as well, it would be nice if there was an application note with a detailed description of how PeakForce Tapping tracks the surface.

My basic understanding is that the system maintains the specified peak force as the sample is scanned, and the height channel is simply the extension of the Z piezo as the feedback system maintains this peak force over the sample.  As such, the topography isn't really a direct measurement of height from a specific force curve, but rather an average of many (how many exactly depends on your scan speed).

As I said, my knowledge is limited and I would be delighted if someone can provide more information or correct me if I'm mistaken. I'm currently trying to understand an artifact which I believe is generated by PeakForce tapping, and a better knowledge of the technique would be invaluable.




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