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"Internal NS5 thermal tune gains have not been calibrated"

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jamies02 posted on Sat, Feb 9 2013 6:37 PM

Hi all,

I've been getting some really high tip radius numbres, and saw this problem pop up when I was trying to perform a thermal tune. How do I calibrate the internal thermal tune gains?



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Hi Scott,

Did you recently upgrade your software or system? 

The thermal tune gains are stored in a file called "system.par".  If you have not changed hardware, you may be able to snag the correct calibration values out of the old system.par file found in the directory with the z.exe file (usually in D:\Program Files\Nanoscope\....).  Look for the following lines in the old file and copy the parameters from the old file into the corresponding lines in the new system.par file with a text editor like notepad:

\Thermal Tune Gain: 15.6016
\NS5Hs2Lsratio: 6.05403
\NS5ThermalCalFreq1: 2000
\NS5ThermalCalFreq2: 80000
\NS5ThermalCalMinFreq: 1000
\LSADC LP atten.: 0.941084

The lines are usually near the end of the file.

If you have changed hardware, or the method above doesn't work, I'll need to know what kind of system you have and what hardware has been changed.


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Thanks for your reply,


The new settings seemed to work for the thermal tune, but I'm still getting an incorrect value for the tip radius. Our setup is: Nanoscope V controller, MM8 scanner, Nanoscope 8.15 r3.



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