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AFM on Nylon

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posted on Thu, Jan 7 2010 6:22 PM

I would like to learn how to image hydrophilic active surfaces, e.g. Nylon,

and wonder if anybody actually did that. I have tried to image in air but apparently the surface pull off the probe.

Therefore I did those measurements in HEPES, which apparently seems to give a better contrast image.

 However I am not entirely sure about the quality of those images.

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replied on Thu, Jan 7 2010 6:22 PM

In principle, there should be no problem imaging Nylon in air (it should be simpler than in fluid).

I have seen many hydrophilic and hydrophobic polymers in air.

What actually happened when you tried to image it in air?

One tip: Try drying the sample thoroughly, hydrophilic

samples can end up with a lot of absorbed water in air,

and this can cause some imaging problems.

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