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Dimension Edge Now Available with PeakForce Tapping and ScanAsyst

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Tracy Krainer Posted: Thu, Aug 22 2013 12:09 PM

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Dimension Edge Now Available with PeakForce
Tapping and ScanAsyst

August 2013

PeakForce Tapping™ is the most significant breakthrough in AFM technology since the advent of TappingMode™. With its inclusion on the Dimension Edge™, a much greater number of researchers have access to the revolutionary capabilities promised by this technology. PeakForce Tapping applies a precisely controlled force response curve at every pixel to reduce imaging forces, and to protect both fragile probes and samples with no decrease in image resolution. The true power of PeakForce Tapping, however, is its ability to enable and enhance other techniques.

ScanAsyst Enabling Extreme Ease of Use
ScanAsyst® is a patent-pending innovation that uses intelligent algorithms to automatically and continuously monitor image quality and make the appropriate parameter adjustments. This frees researchers from the complex and tedious task of adjusting setpoints, feedback gains, and scan rates, and makes imaging as easy as simply selecting a scan area and scan size for almost any sample, in air or fluid. The result is consistent, expert-quality results, better sample and probe protection, and easier imaging in air or fluid on almost any sample.

Now Available on Dimension Edge
Dimension Edge™ leverages the many innovations of the ground-breaking Dimension Icon® system to provide levels of performance and functionality only available from Bruker. At the heart of this system’s capabilities is Bruker’s revolutionary closed-loop scanner, which reduces closed-loop positioning noise levels to the length scale of a single chemical bond.


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