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best epoxi for mica-teflon

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SeanHand posted on Thu, Jan 7 2010 8:48 PM

I would like to ask for advice about the best epoxy to glue mica discs
on teflon. I am working in liquid doing force curves and I am not sure
about the cleanliness of the epoxi I am using. The issue is that the
water is in contact with the epoxy and I fear some contaminants can go
to the solution. The one I use works ok for imaging (phospholipid
bilayers) but when it comes to force spectroscopy I would like to ensure
that the solution is as clean as possible.

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Why not to machine in the teflon pads square recesses for, eg. 11 X 11 mm^2 mica

sheets (use tight fit and corner loops at sharp angles). Then just prese mica sheets into it.

It might work and will have probably the cleanest environment possible.

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replied on Thu, Jan 7 2010 8:55 PM

Folks using the Surface Force Apparatus to measure intermolecular and/or
surface forces have been using thermosetting resins to adhere their
silvered mica sheets to the crossed cylinders for years with no adverse
effects. Epon resins 1004 and 1009 are suitable for aqueous solutions up
to 60C.

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