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Correlation length

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nanochoi posted on Thu, May 8 2014 12:06 PM

Dear AFM experts:


I need to determine the correlation length of a macroscopically rough surface (in addition to the RMS roughness).  How can I obtain the surface correlation length value from AFM images?  Bruker's image analysis program gives the RMS roughness and some other parameters, but I don't see the correlation length.



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Ang Li replied on Wed, May 21 2014 1:58 AM

Hi, in Nanoscope Analysis 1.50, you can find 'calculate S parameters' under roughness analysis and under 'S parms-spatial' you can find 'Sal' which is the Auto-Correlation Length, defined as the measure of the distance over the surface such that the new location will have minimal correlation with the original location. Hope it will be useful. Thanks!

Ang Li 

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Hi Ang:


I just got and installed the Nanoscope Analysis ver. 1.5, and I now see the S parameters that were not available in Ver. 1.4.  Thank you so much!



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