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Streaks in Tip Shape Extracted Image

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BrukerApplications posted on Tue, Jan 12 2010 4:26 PM

After performing Tip Shape Extraction,  there are sometimes streaks across the image.  What is this and how do I fix it?  Currently using the IVPS for tip width determination and the I2FSR to determine full tip shape.

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The streaks that you are seeing are indicates that the Tip Bottom Cutoff value is too small.  Nanoscope automatically sets this value to twice the tip's vertical edge height (VEH),  but sometimes this is not enough.  Increasing this value allows more of the tip's full shape to be deconvolved from the image.  The cutoff value is measured,  in nm,  from the apex of the probe up the shank. The cost of increasing this value, is that Tip Shape Extraction may take a little more time to complete the deconvolution.

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In addition I find that it's sometimes best to have Tip Bottom Cutoff set to the same height as the tallest feature of interest.  While this might not eliminate all artifacts in the post extraction image it should mean that the features you care about are properly resolved.


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