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More Aux channels in NS3a?

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rwfriddle posted on Thu, Sep 3 2015 10:36 AM


We are doing some custom KPFM measurements using an old D3000 AFM with a NS3a controller. The system is operating in Contact mode (feedback and driving handled externally), and we input the surface potential through Aux D.  But we would like to have two Aux inputs (say Aux D and Aux B).  I thought there were more than 2 ADCs in the controller, since there are several Aux inputs on the SAM box. So my question is, is there a way to free up and use another Aux input (like B for example) during imaging? Or are we limited to just Height and one other input, ie Aux D? Thanks.



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As far as I recall, the AUX channels are multiplexed - and one can only store one at a given time.

An upgrade to the NSV controller overcomes this limitation.


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