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scaling of PeakForce capture

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Ilya A. Morozov posted on Tue, Sep 15 2015 2:02 AM

During PeakForce capture I set up the Peak Force Amplitude to a certain value = A.

PF-Amplitude is the zero-peak distance, i.e.the length of extension or retraction path.

So, in online force monitor I observe curves F(z) exactly in the given range of z = 0....A.


However, when I open the obtained *.pfc file in Nanoscope Analysis (v.150 or 1.60) the range of z dispacement in force curve plot is allways twice higher than the given A.


Why? Smile

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In Peak Force Tapping, the 'amplitude' indeed refers to the zero-peak distance value (or 'A' in Asin(wt)). Both the force curves displayed in realtime and the ones stored when using peakforce capture reflect this, in the same way (the total Z range covers 2*A).


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Try using version 1.4. I know it sounds stupid but version 1.5 and 1.6 are full of bugs and strange things especial in the force-curve part.

For force curve manipullation I always use version 1.4.

If you dont have it let me know I can sent you a dropbox link

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