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Question about Autoprobe M5 Force-distance curve horizontal axis

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psuxi posted on Wed, Oct 21 2015 3:38 PM


When using an Autoprobe M5 AFM to get a f-d curve, the default parameter for the horizontal axis is "driving signal" with range from -1 to +1.

But when analyzing the curves for mechanical properties such as elastic modulus, the actual displacement of the piezoelectric scanner is needed.

The Input Configuration Dialog Box allow to select topography, Z detector, Z Scanner....but which one of them records the piezo displacement?

Thanks for your patience and help!



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Hi Erika,

Can you call or email our Tech Support Center? Hopefully, they'd dig into some information of this obsolete product. Please see my signature for the contact information. 


If you need AFM help:

Atomic Force Microscope Technical Support Group

Phone: +1 800-873-9750



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