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Very low SUM signal

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msouier posted on Sun, Jan 17 2016 10:47 AM

Dear All,

what are the reason of low laser sum signal apart from bad tip coating ?

an MFM tip was used and the sum signal was around 3V.

Now the signal on the similar MFM tip can be at maximum 0.04V !! while we can see the laser spot on tip using the video.

Also, if we rotate the back lever to tilt the mirror, can we see the movement of the mirror ? In our case we don't see any visible movement.

We are using MM8.


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Answered (Verified) Teddy Huang replied on Thu, Jan 21 2016 9:27 AM
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It seems that the mechanical coupling between the latch and the mirror is not working correctly. Please contact our Tech Support for help.


Bruker Nano Surfaces Division

112 Robin Hill Road

Santa Barbara, CA 93117

Phone: +1-800-873-9750






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