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Autotune fails after tip is engaged - Dimension Egde AFM

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Aarthi posted on Thu, May 26 2016 8:57 AM


I am having an issue autotuning the cantilever. It tunes normally when the sample surface is in focus SP: 2.8V, Drive amplitude: 0.2V. After I engage the tip, since the images are not optimal, I changed the setpoint/gains etc to get a good image. After that didn't work, I tried to tune the cantilever again and it gives me an error "Automatic tune to target tapping signal amplitude failed". The target tapping signal is 5V, the drive voltage is around 4V and it gives the error message. So I set the drive voltage to 0.5V and start scanning, and I get a perfect image. Why does this happen?

Any feedback is appreciated!


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