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Issue with exporting XY data from Nanoscope v1.7

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LizaW posted on Wed, Jun 29 2016 8:12 AM

Hi! We are exporting the XY data from high speed data capture files (extension .hsdc) into text files so that we can graph the curves in Excel. Our workstation has Nanoscope analysis v1.5 and does this command in seconds, creating a small file. Some of our user's desktops are running Analysis v1.7, and if we try the same thing in this version, the software hangs up, spins forever but mostly crashes, and if a file is generated, it is huge. Any help as to why v1.7 is having this much trouble? Otherwise, I am going to have my users revert back to v1.5 to analyze these .hsdc files. 



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How are you doing the export?  By right clicking on the plot or by right clicking on the files in the browser?


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