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Is it possible to read the deflection signal from General I/O output 1 or 2

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Joop de Vries posted on Tue, Jul 26 2016 7:10 AM

If have tried to read the deflection signal (in ramp mode) through one of the output BNC on the front panel of a Nanoscoop V. 

Tried different things but I don't think this is possible. Is there anybody who knows if it is possible and  how to do it?

I think it is possible with a Direct Access Module, but I don't have have one.

I can do it on an old Dimension we have by recording the detector signals of the head directly but I would like to do it more simple by recording the deflection signal.

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You can get a copy of the deflection signal from the front panel on the NSV, but it is updated at a 100KHz (imaging) or 40kHz (ramping).  Also the front panel signal is clipped at +/-10V. 

If you need access to the raw signal, the method depends on the microscopy type.  What type of system do you have?


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I have a dimension 3100 with Nanoscoop V and a catalyst also with the nanoscoop V. Would be helpful if you can explain how to get it out, tried it, but only got the Zsensor movement out, not the deflection. 

The one where we can get the signal is a dimesion 3100 with a naoscoop IV. But there we have the head connected (split cable) to a NI card, but I  would like to have ir on the nanoscoop V.

So if you could give me some pointers on how to get the deflection signal out of the front panel that would be great

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