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CAFM Tip&Sample contact

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Hi all,

I hope someone can help me. I have contacted with the Bruker tech support but my problems are not solved.

We have a Dimension Edge AFM with CAFM module. Our NanoDrive software is 8.02.  We have never used CAFM, so I am the one who need the solve how to use it as a graduate student. Unfortunately, the help menu in the software does not help! It is going like trial and error.

So, I prepared a sample with 100 nm CoFeB on the top of 100 nm Au. I used Silver paint to provide electrical contact. I get IV curves in Point Spectroscopy so I have electrical contact.

But our problems start with area scan. I think the tip loses contact with the sample during scan. Or, I suspect that sometimes It can't even engage to the sample surface. While taking an area scan, I can see CAFM signal in profile tab. At some points, the CAFM signal is fixed to a value, which I suspect that the connection is lost, and the image is gone (For example, 900 nA while there is contact and I can see the conductivity map; otherwise 0,746 nA and the image is gone). Also, we sometimes see an absurd line in conductivity map of our sample, while there is nothing in the topography image. Again, the CAFM signal becomes fixed to 0.746 nA when we see that line. So, I thought that this is noise. I tried to take an area scan while the tip is not engaged. A-ha! Same absurd line and same value on the CAFM profile, 0.746 nA. So, there is a problem in tip and sample contact.

So, how can I solve this problem? How can I be sure that the tip stays in contact with the sample surface continuously? The help menu in software is really sucks! It doesn't say anything about troubleshooting. 

Also, I can not access to Manuals&Documentation section in this website. So, If anyone can send or help me to find manuals about CAFM, I will be very glad!



PS: Atteched is the image of above-mentioned absurd line. 

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