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Tip radius Quantification and "Tip Image Size" on Deep indents

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meaton212 posted on Tue, Dec 6 2016 7:20 AM



I use AFM on very viscoelastic rubbery materials. This results in very deep indentations (100-200nm). My question is, is the tip radius check using the roughness sample acurrate to these indentations? I also realize that the parameter "tip image size" when altered can also change the value of the tip radius estimation that it gives you. What is the meaning of this parameter, and How do you optimize it?





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Messed up the link to the image... sorry


Link to Image

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With such a large indentation depth, the Sneddon Model would be more accurate. In the Sneddon model, the half angle of the tip and the indentation depth are critical. 

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