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Streaking in QNM

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meaton212 posted on Tue, Dec 6 2016 10:39 AM

Hello, I seem to sometimes find a streaking artifact in my QNM images that is absent in height images. See attached scans of Styrene-Butadiene Rubber w/ Carbon Black Particles. Any idea what it could have caused this?


Deformation Map


Adhesion Map




Height Map- No streaking

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Denis replied on Tue, Dec 6 2016 11:52 PM


Effect of laser position ? Do you slightly change it and retry ?

What kind of tip do you use in what microscope ?



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Hi Denis,


Using a RTESPA the 200N/m kind on the Dimension Icon


Im not sure about the laser, since it happened to me the other day, and didn't happen again the next time, Just curious as to what causes this and how to prevent it in the future. 

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Well, sometimes something similar happens to me. Decreasing the PeakForce Amplitude seems to work.

Have you tried a softer probe?


Best regards



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It's likely due to the optical interference from the laser. Make sure the laser is on the right position of the cantilever. 

There is a very detailed trouble shooting guide about Noise on Image. Can you contact Bruker Tech Support and ask for "NBSB0133_Noise in Image_Nanoscope Troubleshooting Flow Chart"



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