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Issue with tuning/calibrating 650N/m tip

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meaton212 posted on Wed, Dec 14 2016 10:40 AM



I've been having issues with tuning and calibrating the spring constant of a 650N/m tip on the Bruker Dimension icon system.


The manufacturer says the resonance frequency of the tip is around 700-750kHz


However, when trying to tune (in tapping mode), there is no real obvious peak that appears (scanning from 500kHz to 1MHz).

It does zone in on a peak around ~710N/m but Q values of ~950-1100 are given here, but the fit is off. 


Using the Sader method, this gives me spring constants of around 230-290N/m, when these tips should be ~650N/m.


A few times I also got a message about the drive amplitude exceeding safety limits and something about "smart engage"


Is there some sort of thing I have to do for calibrating these very stiff tips?



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Would you be able to perform regular tapping mode using a regular probe, e.g. TESPA? This is to check the system is happy with tapping mode, including tapping piezo, probe slot, etc.

For the "smart engage" issue, it only work when the probe can be successfully tuned. Please use standard engage. 

Please contact Bruker Tech Support in your region for the detailed procedures about all these.




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