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Troubleshooting set-up of the MATLAB toolbox for Nanoscope Analysis

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Bede Pittenger Gift [G] Posted: Tue, Jul 18 2017 10:43 AM

In 2016 the MATLAB toolbox was significantly updated to support new data formats.  Additionally, it has been moved to a separate installer to make it easier to get set up and productive.  I do not recommend trying to use the older versions (supplied with Nanoscope Analysis versions prior to 1.80) any longer.  A free copy of the latest version of the MATLAB toolbox can be obtained by contacting

Depending on whether your MATLAB is 32bit or 64bit, you need will tell the installer  which version of the toolbox to install (or you can also install both).  If you use the 64bit version, it will try to install to D:\Program Files\Bruker\AFM MATLAB Toolbox or something like that.  If you use the 32bit version, it will install in a similar directory, but with ‘Program Files x86’ instead.  On my system, I don’t have a D: drive, so I need to change the destination to C:\Program Files\Bruker\AFM MATLAB Toolbox otherwise I get a ‘catastrophic failure’ error.  The installer includes both sample code (NSMatlabExamples.m) and sample files (in \MATLAB Example Files) and they will all be located in the destination directory.  After the installation the installer will display a readme file that explains how to set paths in MATLAB.  Be sure to use the correct version of the toolbox in the correct directory with whatever version of MATLAB you are using! 

You don’t need to have the corresponding version of Nanoscope Analysis on your system, but if you would like a copy for your analysis system, the AFM support team can supply an installer for that as well.  Please contact the email address above.

If you publish results analyzed using the MATLAB toolbox, please consider including the code in your supplementary materials so that others can benefit from your work.  Also, I would love a copy of your preprint!  


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Michio replied on Tue, Jun 23 2020 8:25 PM

Hi Bede,

Although I am interested in this toolbox, I am not sure where I can find the information on this Matlab toolbox (ex., what kind of function is included in this toolbox, etc.).

Would you mind letting me know that?

Thank you for your kind help.



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