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Spring constant calibration of rectangular cantilevers

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Jerome posted on Thu, Feb 22 2018 2:50 AM


I'm trying to calibrate the spring constant of several rectangular cantilevers by the Sader method (on a Dimension Icon and latest Nanoscope software). By clicking the "Tune" button, I can obtain the resonant frequency and the quality factor. Moreover I measured the length and width of each cantilever by taking microscope pictures beforehand. If I'm not mistaken, all these data  should be sufficient for the calculation of the spring constant. But I can't find where to type it in in the software, It is impossible to specify cantilever dimensions, one can only select from a list of cantilever types - mine do not belong to this list.

Does someone know if this function is implemented in the last Nanoscope version and where I can find it? Thanks a lot!


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