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Paul H. Davis posted on Fri, Aug 26 2022 5:14 PM

The nearly 20 year old computer controlling our venerable Dimension 3100 AFM finally died completely (motherboard failure, not power supply). We've replaced it with a new Windows XP computer designed/built specifically for working with legacy instrumentation/hardware, including an ISA slot for the DSP board that communicates with our NanoScope IV controller. The new computer comes with an SSD (the C: drive), but we have also connected the old hard drive pulled out of the AFM control computer that died (with the Windows, NanoScope, and Data partitions labeled as E, F, and G) to try to make things work as seamlessly as possible (e.g., no reinstalling/reconfiguring NanoScope and validating keys for optional modes/capabilities). However, when I start up NanoScope (V6.13 R1) now, the (normally yellow) microscope icon is grayed out, as are all the RealTime menu options. If I try to "Select Microscope", I get a "Warning: RealTime not available in workstation mode" popup. I assume this means NanoScope is not seeing/communicating with the DSP control board? I've tried removing and reseating the board in the ISA slot several times, as well as checking the cable connection from the card to the back of the NS IV controller, and that hasn't made a difference (and the connections all seem solid). Are there drivers that need to be (re)-installed on the new C: drive, or do I need to configure the new computer such that the old hard drive partitions become C, D, and E as they were previously (so that file pathway names are the same)? Are there text files in the Par or Equip folders that need to be manually modified to let NanoScope know that there's an AFM attached? Any help or insight would be appreciated. Thanks!


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