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Electrochemical AFM v. Other electrical modes for AFM

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BrukerApplications posted on Mon, Feb 8 2010 4:52 PM

What is the difference between elechrochemical AFM and electric field AFM and surface potential AFM in terms of equipment (cantilevers, operating modes etc.)

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replied on Wed, Feb 24 2010 4:55 PM

Electrochemical SPM traditionally refers to operating the AFM (or STM) in a fluid environement, aqueus or not, and perform an electrochemical experiment. At the same tip the SPM tip is used to monitor the surface. In another form the AFM tip can also act at an electrode and the electrochemical experiment can be carried out at the location of the tip itself thus localizing the anotherwise macroscopic experiment. The book below give a good overview over traditional electrochemical methods and setups

Instrumental Methods in Electrochemistry Southampton Electrochemistry Group

Published by Woodhead Publishing
ISBN: 9781898563808

The other modes mentioned are modes traditionally carried out under ambient conditions. Their objective is to measure a surface property like e.g. contact potential in addition to surface topography.

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