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ECAFM in liquid

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BrukerApplications posted on Mon, Feb 8 2010 4:53 PM

Do you make any specifically designed liquid cells for ECAFM where you cn place a cathode sample and test it? Also, is AFM supplied with potentiostat?

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Veeco offers ECAFM mode on the following AFM platforms: Multimode, Enviroscope and Innova. There is an electrochemical cell particualrly designed for each system to accomodates the sample, be it cathode materials or else, and counter and reference electrode. They are provided with Universal Bipotentiostat or VersistatIII. You can also use a 3rd party potentiostat, although software integration is not usu. available, and software compatibility with Nanoscope software may not guaranteed if run on the same computer.

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Dear Chunzeng

Can I do ECAFM with the following AFM equipmnt?

Veeco, Bioscope ; scanner - hybrid ; NanoScope IVa Controller ; Singal Access Module III

Thank you very much.


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