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Carbon Nanotube Deposition

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jsilve24 posted on Wed, Jul 28 2010 5:12 PM

Does anyone know a good and reliable way to get carbon nanotubes that are suspended in an aqueous solution onto either mica or silicon? I have been running into a major hold up because of this issue. I can get tubes suspended in organics onto the substrate but I cannot seem to get aqueous solutions.


Any help would be much appreciated.



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I pasted a couple of recipes below, but unfortunately neither are a water based; I don't have of one of those. . .

Is sound like it's working for you in organics, but in the past, we have found that depending on the source of the CNTs, their quality can vary and there can be a lot of other carbon junk in there and that can cause problems. . .

Sorry not more help,


Sample prep: Carbon Nanotubes (SWNT) 

* Obtain purified SWCNT from CNI (281) 492-5701

* ~1 "speck" CNT and ~1mL Cloroform

* Cleave HOPG (Si can be used, but CNTs eventually stick permanently.

* Sonicate at room temp for ~1 min. =>shouldn't see any clumps

* Put a drop of solution on HOPG as quickly as possible after sonication to avoid clumping

* Let dry in air

* Check sample with ScanAsyst

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