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MFM in fluid

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gmo posted on Fri, Nov 26 2010 9:40 AM

I wonder if anyone in the forum has tried to do MFM in fluid before? It sounds theoretically possible (for example no electronics would short circuit), but what are the practical problems associated with it? I just want to get some idea of how practical it is. Many thanks in advance!

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I have not tried this by agree that there would be no fundamental problem to operation; however, functionally there would be a tremendous decrease in sensitivity from the Q damping of the fluid.


If you think you can tolerate a decrease in signal proportional to the decrease in Q, it is worth a shot.



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I have run MFM in fluid in the past, and it seemed to work.  I used the standard probe for MFM (Model MESP) which worked in Tapping in Fluid and used Lift Mode for the MFM signal.  You will likely need to adjust the lift height, lift start height, and probably scan slower than normal.  I also recall the lower sensitivity that Steve mentioned as well.  It is worth a try.



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Marta replied on Wed, Nov 20 2013 12:28 PM


can you give me some more details about you experiment in fluid? Which kind of experiment was it? Are there any particular requirements such as the type of tip? Did you get a good response, even in presence of dumping forces? 

Thank you!

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