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Nice new paper on Graphene using Dimension Icon

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Stephen Minne Posted: Wed, May 4 2011 3:23 PM

Nice paper just published on Graphene using Dimension Icon by Tim Burnett,Rositza Yakimova,and Olga Kazakova of National Physical Laboratory and Linkoping University. View at: nl200581g

ABSTRACT: Local electrical characterization of epitaxial graphene
grown on 4H-SiC(0001) using electrostatic force microscopy
(EFM) in ambient conditions and at elevated temperatures
is presented. EFM provides a straightforward identification
of graphene with different numbers of layers on the
substrate where topographical determination is hindered by
adsorbates. Novel EFM spectroscopy has been developed
measuring the EFM phase as a function of the electrical DC
bias, establishing a rigorous way to distinguish graphene domains
and facilitating optimization of EFM imaging.

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