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2D array of locations with probe positioning

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Zhuoyang posted on Sun, Jun 26 2011 2:21 AM


I am doing force curve measurement on Innova. When I use probe toolbutton to add locations, I found that a 2D array of locations cannot be added by dragging a frame on the obtained images. Only a frame appear and no locations can be selected. But a line of locations or individual locations can be added. I wonder if there is any restriction on this. Thank you!



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Answered (Not Verified) replied on Tue, Jun 28 2011 3:21 PM

Hi Zhuoyang,

It is actually quite easy to generate an array of points. When you select the frame symbol in the probe positioning dialog a box pops up to ask you to select the number of points in the rectangle. After that you can position the reactangle in your image and select the size. If you are happy with the location and size please "right click" with your mouse in the center of the rectangle. You are now ready to go.

Good luck,


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Hi Stefan,

Thanks for your reply. I found out the reason. I clicked the zoom toolbutton on scanning window before I opened the Probe Positioning Window. So the frame button became the zoom toolbutton instead of 2D array positioning button.


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