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July 2011, Issue 2 - Dimension FastScan: A Breakthrough in AFM Technology

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Posted: Wed, Jul 13 2011 4:22 PM
Nanovations newsletter - dimension fastscan atomic force microscope article
July 2011, Issue 02

Dimension FastScan AFM
The World's Fastest Atomic Force Microscope

FastScan ScannerBreakthrough AFM Technology Enables New Possibilities and Science

Bruker's new Dimension FastScan™ takes atomic force microscope (AFM) technology to dramatically higher levels of capability, delivering extreme imaging speed without the loss of performance or image quality. Delivering throughput never seen before, Dimension FastScan is running experiments in an afternoon that at conventional AFM speeds used to take weeks. And, speed is just one aspect of the system's groundbreaking throughput. FastScan delivers better drift characteristics, easier sample changing, and overall ease of operation. In addition, Dimension FastScan delivers unsurpassed horsepower, providing the highest data quality for every required element, for every sample category.

History of Innovation and Success

Previous attempts at fast scanning have been limited to small sample size systems and small scan sizes on flat samples. Dimension FastScan is based upon the highly successful Dimension Icon® AFM architecture and is a tip-scanning system that provides measurements on both large and small samples in air or fluids. Now with Dimension FastScan, you can achieve immediate nanoscale images with the high resolution of a high-performance AFM. Whether scanning at >125Hz when surveying a sample to find the region of interest, or imaging at time rates of 1-second per image frame Dimension FastScan provides the ability to observe any sample in air or fluids through high-resolution images or movies.

High Performance Faster

Dimension FastScan enables researchers to work hundreds of times faster with fast scanning rates up to frames per second and such innovative design features as automated laser and detector alignment, comprehensive work flow and smart engaging. The system enables navigation around the samples without optical resolution to capture nanometer features in minutes. High bandwidth delivers exceptional force control and high scan rates with closed-loop accuracy to surpass efficiency of any other AFM system. Finally, built-in measurement automation software in conjunction with higher speed ScanAsyst™ provides exceptional measurement confidence and repeatability.

High Resolution and Force Control

Using novel technologies, Dimension FastScan delivers the required image quality with feedback control (closed-loop), but without loss of resolution or added tip force, thus rendering the highest quality AFM images quickly. The system's innovative Z-scanner design produces a resonant frequency of >50kHz, enabling exceptional force control on topographic structures with heights ranging from a nanometer to hundreds of nanometers. This is extraordinary capability for a high-bandwidth system, truly providing researchers "the best of both worlds."

High-Quality Results on Any Sample

In sample screening, Dimension FastScan drastically increases productivity, providing high-speed surveyance images in seconds and featuring high-resolution zoom and pan to quickly find the area of interest. Dimension FastScan includes easy programming for multiple-sample measurements, and with high-resolution sample screening, provides entire datasets in under an hour. Dimension FastScan also makes dynamic observations in fluids or air a reality in any lab, providing a new dimension for understanding materials at the nanoscale. Furthermore, the system allows researchers to share data easily through routine high-quality AFM images and videos.

FastScan Your Samples Today

Dimension FastScan AFM is the first commercially available system to make fast AFM scanning a reality for every laboratory. Try Dimension FastScan on your samples to see for yourself what a difference extra bandwidth and performance can make. For a demonstration call +1.805.967.1400/800.873.9750, or email your questions to Be sure to check out the FastScan Video at


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