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New Book: Life at the Nanoscale: Atomic Force Microscopy of Live Cells, Edited by Prof. Yves Dufrêne

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Stephen Minne Posted: Thu, Sep 8 2011 11:08 AM

After two years of work, the book I'm editing is out now: "Life at the Nanoscale: Atomic Force Microscopy of Live Cells".

Life at the Nanoscale provides a state-of-the-art overview about how atomic force microscopy (AFM) can be used to image living cells, to probe their attachment to substrates or to other cells, to measure their mechanical properties, and to assess the forces in single-molecule interactions.
Prof. Andreas Engel - Case Western Reserve University, USA.

Any biologist considering the use of AFM in their own research is certain to find inspiration in this unique resource.
Dr. Daniel Evanko - Chief Editor, Nature Methods

The book is available globally and potential readers could order via the following websites:
Pan Stanford:
CRC Press:

Would you be so kind to spread the news by forwarding this e-mail to the Bruker people or to customers.

Many thanks and best wishes,

Prof. Yves Dufrêne
Senior Research Associate at the FNRS
Institute of Condensed Matter and Nanosciences (IMCN) Institute of Life Sciences (ISV) Université catholique de Louvain Croix du Sud,2/18
B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve

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