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AFM Surface Scientist – Micron Technology, Inc. Opening # BOI27291

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Stephen Minne Posted: Wed, Sep 14 2011 2:58 PM

AFM Surface Scientist – Micron Technology, Inc.
Opening # BOI27291

The Surface Laboratory Team within Micron Technology utilizes a wide range of state-of-the-art surface analysis metrologies to support R&D and production activities world-wide. Additionally, the laboratory is involved with development activities to maintain the metrology capability available to the Micron community at the highest possible level.
As a Surface Scientist at Micron, you will be responsible for performing surface analyses in support of Micron activities and collaborating with other Micron Engineers on a variety of R&D and production related projects.

Your responsibilities will include, but are not limited to, the following:

Module ownership
•    Using good judgment, initiative, flexibility, and problem solving skills to deal with a wide range of routine and non-routine situations.
Continuous improvement
•    Driving improvement in process and/or equipment changes and developing and implementing new strategies and procedures as they relate processes and equipment in surface analysis.
•    Researching, gathering, and analyzing information related to specific assignments within your technical discipline.
•    Recommending process or equipment changes to improve lab metrics.
•    Interpreting results and conducting quantitative analyses.
•    Interpreting results of new or modified equipment or processes.
Support manufacturing requests
•    Supporting manufacturing requests as needed using a variety of analytical metrologies, primarily utilizing scanning probe technologies.
Interaction and Communication
•    Establishing clear and strong lines of communication allowing a quick response to customer requirements.
•    Interacting positively within the group and with other organizations.
•    Providing constant and consistent communication with customers as well as their lead regarding projects, procedures, troubleshooting methods, etc.
General Expectations
•    Demonstrating proficient knowledge of data collection and analyses to contribute to group objectives.
•    Contributing to the fulfillment of group objectives.
•    Executing projects within guidelines defined by management.
•    Regularly reviewing data and direction with supervisor.
•    Demonstrating sound data analysis and judgment.
•    Presenting reports and findings with appropriate conclusions and recommendations.

Successful candidates for this position will have:
•    Extensive knowledge of micro-electronic related materials properties and characterization through coursework or experience.
•    Extensive hands-on experience with AFM (particularly C-AFM and related AFM probe based electrical techniques are strongly desired)
•    Hands-on experience with nano-mechanical characterization.
•    Hands-on experience with various sample preparation techniques.
•    The ability to thrive in both an individual and team-based work environment.
•    The ability to self-motivate and take ownership of assigned projects.
•    An aptitude and interest in instrument repair and maintenance.
•    Excellent computer application skills, particularly with Microsoft Office and instrument control software.
•    The ability to work in a flexible manner that allows for changes in assignments and priorities depending upon the identified needs of the laboratory.
Advanced degree in Physics, Material Science, or Chemistry is Required. Extensive hands-on experience may be considered for a candidate with a Bachelor of Science degree.

Apply online at

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