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April 2012, Vol. 1 - Bruker ECAFM Solutions

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Vol. 1 April 2012

Bruker ECAFM Solutions
Opening New Opportunities in Li Battery Research

Turnkey Solutions Helping Advance Green Energy Research

There continues to be great need and investment in advancing green energy research. Current regional turmoil, rising costs of fossil fuels and published research estimating that 65% of all global warming pollution comes from energy generation and use further support the need for research. Two areas that have witnessed a surge in research are organic photovoltaics (OPVs) and lithium (Li) ion batteries. In both cases, key performance parameters (e.g., external quantum efficiency for OPVs, energy density, power density, and cycle life for batteries) are intimately connected to the structure at the nanoscale, making atomic force microscopy an important tool in this research. Bruker now offers application-specific AFM research capabilities for both OPV and Li batteries with the recent release of its turnkey ECAFM solution.


The Most Complete ECAFM Solution

To deliver the widest solvent compatibility with Teflon/Kel-F cell body, Bruker's new EC cell is completely sealed, enabling long-time studies and work with volatile solvents. For example, it already has a proven track record with long-term studies using such typical Li battery solvents as DMC, EMC, EC, PC. This feature allows for the study of electrode charging/discharging events, which can take hours, without solvent evaporation problems.

Featuring a cup shape, the cell has been designed also for easy and quick assembly, and it can be assembled elsewhere, then transported and placed onto the AFM. Once placed, it is held in place magnetically, and is designed to close when the AFM engages. Another key benefit of easy transport is that the cell can be easily disassembled in a safe location for cleaning. In addition, the cell is designed with separate bolts at the bottom to allow for sample change without electrode disassembly. A new probe holder designed specifically for this cell, together with the Dimension Icon's motorized stage and proprietary software, enable repeated engagement on the same location, even upon adding solvent to a previously dry sample, and fast easy engaging onto black samples such as Li cathode materials.

Bruker's ECAFM solution builds on the industry leading Dimension Icon, a large-scan-area closed-loop system that delivers the highest resolution performance. The EC cell is designed to be completely compatible with the glove box based system configuration, guaranteeing 1ppm O2 and H2O levels. EC cell and glove box together provide a complete turnkey Li battery AFM solution.

Committed to Green Energy Research
Bruker's ECAFM is just the latest in a series of advancements fueling green energy research. Our exclusive ScanAsyst® provides for the easiest available liquid scanning, and PeakForce QNM® allows for instant quantitative nanomechanical property information. In addition, PeakForce TUNA™ Imaging Mode, which utilizes our revolutionary Peak Force Tapping® technology, enables previously impossible measurements providing simultaneous mapping of conductivity and directly correlated nanomechanical properties, ideal for soft materials with relevant microphase structure, such as OPVs. As a leader in AFM technology, we are committed to continual delivery of innovative technology to advance green energy research.

Enabling Your Research
Discover how the latest Bruker advancements can help your Li battery and other ECAFM applications. Email for more information.

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