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Trigger in relaxation test

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nhung posted on Mon, May 21 2012 11:27 AM

Hi all, 

I am using script chart in Veeco Dimension Icon to perform relaxation tests (ramp Z by an amount delta, and hold constant). As my sample is soft, I wants to limit the force apply on the sample using the trigger mode.  I entered the values for the relative forward trigger and reverse trigger, but they do not seem to limit the applied force. For example, if I put very big value for delta Z  (the amount of Z in ramp test=3micron), the deflection of cantilever also very large (700-800 nm) while my trigger is only 60nm. The trigger mode works well when I performs normal ramp test. So, I am wondering whether I can use trigger mode together with the script chart? If yes, please let me know what do I need to do to limit the force applied on the sample when performing relaxation test? 

Thank you!

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