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How to get I-V characteristics of Si wafer with TUNA/SSRM module AFM?

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RIPON DEY posted on Tue, Oct 23 2012 3:50 PM

Hi, I am planning to figure out the I-V charateristics curve for a silicon wafer under watlab AFM (The Dimension 3100 in WATLABS has our TUNA module so, yes it will do I-V measurements), UW. We made our sample as conductive as I could. I coated ~15 nm Cr on top and Au (~10nm) beneath the Silicon piece and then attached the sample to the chuck with conductive paste to improvise the conductive path from the chuck to the surface.  Then I followed the procedures as instructed pages 55-77 of the manual (ElectroAppModules.pdf) and got few bad results! It seems very low and constant current which is unexpected to us. We will really appreciate if you give us more suggestion. Notably, sample was blown up while we use (+/-) 6V! We are looking for your remarks and kind suggestions on this regard!

Thanks  you!


PhD student, 


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