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plane subraction in Nanoscope or WSXM software

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posted on Thu, Jan 7 2010 4:46 PM

Is there a way to learn what plane-fitting parameters either DI
> offline image processing or WSXM has applied to data? While we always
> save our raw data, we sometimes need to plane-subtract during analysis
> to find data of interest before we can try to interpret it. In order
> to draw the averaging box, we first need to reduce the dynamic range
> of the screen image to something our eyes can use. But once we're
> done, we need to manually undo the offsets and slope correction to get
> our absolute values back.
> We typically use native DI Nanoscope applications or WSXM, so does
> anyone know how to extract the fitting parameters from either of those
> two programs? WSXM has appears to have the added problem of performing
> a plane subtract immediately upon importing files. So we'd like to be
> able to undo that, as well.

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