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Power supply for tip self-sputtering

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posted on Thu, Jan 7 2010 5:02 PM

We are going to use a self-sputtering process to clean tungsten STM tips in

situ using Ne gas and monitor the field emission threshold as a function of

the sputtering time. This requires special high-voltage power supply, which

is capable of outputting DC voltages of up to 1 kV with both polarities.

Also, it should be able to operate in two modes: for FE,

the high voltage is tuned and the current is measured with a sensitivity of

0.1-1 nA. It is nice feature to have, but what we really want is this:

self-sputtering mode where the

applied voltage is controlled to maintain a preset constant current of 1-100


So, I’d like to ask everyone here is they know any commercial unit that can

do this kind of things? I really appreciate your help.

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