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Postdoctoral Poisition at Los Alamos National Laboratory available NOW

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Posted: Thu, Jan 7 2010 5:04 PM
Postdoctoral Associate  - Scanning Probe Microscopy (STM and MFM) of complex

A position is available immediately for research in the Materials Physics
and Applications Division of Los Alamos National Laboratory. Candidate will
work closely with leading experts in condensed matter theory and synthesis,
and conduct Low-T STM and MFM studies of emergent phenomena in complex oxide
materials and heterostructures.
Candidates should have a Ph.D. and/or research interests in solid state
physics and emergent phenomena in correlated electron materials, with the
knowledge and experience in UHV cryogenic scanning probe microscopies. A
background in surface science or optical microscopy/spectroscopy and
experience with or willingness to learn other scanning probe techniques
(STM, MFM) is an added advantage.
Salary offered is very competitive, with access to a large number of diverse
and well-run state-of-the-art facilities.
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