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Ph.D. Opening to be sponsored between Bruker and Pasteur-Lille under the CIFRE program.

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Stephen Minne Posted: Fri, Jun 21 2013 6:38 PM

OPEN POSITION for Ph.D. Candidate
to be sponsored between Bruker and Pasteur-Lille under the CIFRE program

send CV to:


This position will drive the development of high throughput AFM applications for SME and Pharma by:
•    Working with end users to obtain relevant application data on the middle to high throughput AFM.
•    Analysis of large data sets to develop both results and best practices.
•    Development of online and offline software to support applications and data reduction.
•    Coordination and bridging of technical activities between Bruker and the Research Group of F. Lafont at the Institut Pasteur de Lille, France.
•    Publishing peer reviewed papers as well as application notes on developed techniques.
•    Additionally, developing novel combinations of AFMs and super resolution optical microscopes (PALM, STORM) at Pasteur.
This position is a Graduate student position, sponsored by Bruker Corporation in collaboration with Lafont’s Team, under the CIFRE - ANRT program.


•    Develop and create a strategic portfolio of technical collaborations within University and Industrial research segments to find problems which can be addressed by high throughput AFM.
•    Hands on programing of online and offline AFM functionality on Bruker’s proprietary SW platforms.
•    Quarterly review and presentation of collaborative and technical results.
•    Co-location 50/50 between Bruker’s Santa Barbara operations and Institut Pasteur, Lille, France.


•    Solid scientific background (engineering in physics and electronic, man-machine interface)
•    Strong background in programming (C, C++)
•    Ability to work in an interdisciplinary environment, self organized
•    Fluent English both written and spoken, preferred fluency in French
•    Excellent presentation, written, and verbal skills
•    Ability to manage and organize multiple groups of 3-6 scientists to a common technical goal


•    Prepared to start Ph.D. degree in a physics, chemistry, biology or equivalent.
•    Product knowledge of Bruker Scanning Probe Microscope operation preferred
•    Experience in atomic force microscopy and optical microscopy is highly desirable
•    Experience in biology, microbiology, and/or cell biology is highly desirable
•    Broad based proficiency in science

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