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MultiMode Tapping Mode Tuning Problem

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Dmitry Sokolov posted on Tue, Jul 23 2013 11:48 PM

Dear All,

I am trying to revive the MultiMode IIIa in Tapping Mode with a little success. The Auto Tune doesn't work. It says "Drive amplitude could not be made small enough to attain target amplitude. Either an overly sensitive cantilere is being used or the Nanoscope electronics are miscalibrated." I've tried:

  • changed cantilever NSC11(48 N/m, 330 kHz)
  • changed the cantilever holder on the glass one with 6 contacts, supposedly suitable for tapping mode
  • tried different Tuning settings

Based on my experience, the laser alignment is not a problem.It goes well in Contact mode, with different cantilever though.

Any ideas please? Would you probably have a tapping mode troubleshooting guide please?


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